"Empower Members in their journey toward mental health recovery"

About Us

Perfect Place Drop In Center Inc. Executive Director Karen Robinson

Our Mission

Perfect Place Drop In Center Inc. provides a Supportive Community, and Programs that Empower Members in their Journey Toward Mental Health Recovery.

Our Vision

  • Engage Members, and the Surrounding Community, with the information and resources to assist people in their Recovery Journey.
  • Enrich the Quality of life of our Members by providing Peer Support, Recovery Programming, Recreational Activities and an Environment that promotes dignity and self-worth.
  • Empower Members, through Positive Interactions, with a voice and the ability to make decisions; resulting in successful outcomes.



  •  To present education programming that promotes mental health and reduces the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • To provide prevention programming that promotes skills for healthy living, both for those with diagnoses of mental illness and also for those who are not diagnosed or ill.
  • To actively advocate for persons with mental illness, their families and fiends who care for them.
  • To offer information and opportunities for persons with illness to participate in and benefit from research
  • To facilitate opportunities for empowerment of person with mental illnesses and related disorders in all aspects of life including social and recreational activities, employment, self-expression including diverse opportunities for "first person" voice and in community integration.

What is Perfect Place Drop In Center Inc.

Perfect Place Drop In Center Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a safe, supportive and normalizing environment for  people labeled "mentally ill" in the community. Especially those wo are isolated in society, rejecting participation in traditional mental health programs. We offer an atmosphere of acceptance where people feel needed and grow in self-worth, dignity and self-respect.

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